To utilize my interpersonal and professional skills to secure a challenging position with a progressive organization as a Sound Designer/Audio Engineer/Composer.

• Creative, passionate, hard working and self-motivated professional with significant years of experience in all aspects of audio production: Sound design, recording, mixing, digital editing, audio processing, knowledge of synthesis, music composition & DJing
• Quick ability to develop product knowledge
• Ability to design and materialize desired sounds within the scope of the project’s vision
• Ability to relate well to people at all levels. Work well with individuals and in team environment
• Reliable, detail oriented individual who can work under pressure and meet deadlines 
• Committed to Excellence

OWNER/FREELANCE: Dirtyhertz Productions San Francisco, CA 1997- Present
Offering a variety of services in all aspects of sound:

• Sound design and music composition for sound F/X libraries, video games, synthesizers, web, advertising, video and film
• Recording, mixing, digital editing, mastering and audio processing
• Audio branding for logos and company image
• PCM (Pulse-code Modulations) creation, preset design, architectural consulting for synthesizers
• Music director and supervisor with many years of experience as a professional DJ

Apple Computer. Cupertino, CA
Composed music for worldwide launch of iTunes (v1.0 & v2.0), QuickTime 5, iMac (Flower Power and Indigo Blue), advertisements/promotions and music for many of Apple’s educational and web videos.

Sound Ideas. Ontario, Canada
Designed sounds and music for sound F/X libraries; Sci-Fi Series 8000 (Warp 1, Warp 2 & Warp 3), Ear Candy 2, The Big Drone.

Hollywood Edge. Hollywood, CA
Sole sound designer of sound F/X library for Extreme Drones (3CDs).

Big Fish Audio. Sun Valley, CA
Designed sounds and music for sample CDs; Things That Go Bump in The Night 2, Hardcore Break beats.

E-mu Systems. Scotts Valley, CA
Designed samples, presets and music demos for worlds most well known synthesizer/samplers; Audity 2000, Proteus 2000, Xtreme Lead-1, E-4, E-4 Ultra and various sound F/X CDs.

Kurzweil Musical Systems. Waltham, MA
Designed presets and setups for their flagship and worldwide award winning sampler, the Kurzweil K2600.

NASA. Moffett Field, CA
Designed sounds and composed sound tracks for Ames Research Center.

Konami Digital Entertainment. Japan
Produced music compositions for Dance Dance Revolution (Ultramix 3 and Extreme 2).

Radical Entertainment. San Francisco, CA
Designed sounds for game demo Blood Lines.

SENIOR SOUND ENGINEER: Acme Recording Chicago, IL Jan 1991-Oct 1996
Staff engineer performing multi track recording, mixing, digital editing, mastering, CD duplications and artist relations

• Experienced in recording and mixing all types of genres; Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop, Blues, Ethnic, Hip Hop and Electronica
• Leveraged my robust high-profile network of artists to expand business relations
• Key employee for leading the company forward by taking initiative to upgrade equipment, redesign the acoustics and aesthetics of the studio for better sound quality and to stay competitive in the market
• Earned a reputation as “The Face” and “Go-To Person” at the studio
• Consistently evolved in the ever changing music scene in order to stay current and in demand
• Utilized my experience and personal touch to create a comfortable environment for the client to perform at their best
• Ability to recognize the artist’s vision and help bring it to life

Most DAW: Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Ableton, Cubase & Peak.
Most software/Hardware processors: Waves, Sonnox, SSL, Sound Toys, Native Instruments, Focusrite, Lexicon, TC Electronics, iZotope, PSP, etc.
Large format Analog consoles: SSL, Neve, Amek
Analog tape machines: Studer, Ampex, Tascam, etc.

Bachelor of Art, Major in Audio Engineering Columbia College Chicago, IL June 1994