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Deep House? Tech House? Progressive House? Techno? Genre labels make it easy to categorize music, but you can not label DIRTYHERTZ’s sound. His techy deep house, bass rollin’ electro, deep mental progressive, and head-banging techno push through genre barriers. DIRTY’s music spans the musical spectrum and has support from the biggest names in dance music including Tiesto, Sasha, Digweed, Paul Van Dyke, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz and many more.

And just as you can’t label his music, there’s no way to label DIRTY himself. DJ, producer, sound designer: DIRTYHERTZ is all of these and more. He is recognized and respected for his musical, international and divers DJ sets. And, he has composed music and sounds for some of the biggest companies and product launches in the world including Apple computers, Konami Video Games, Big Fish Audio, Sound Ideas and NASA just to name a few.

DIRTY’s musical journey began in childhood when he began playing the guitar. But soon he discovered his obsession with tweaking amp knobs and F/X. This knob fetish eventually led him to his first job as a sound engineer at the age of 19 in Chicago. After a mind-blowing experience at a rave in L.A. he made his way up the 101 to San Francisco for the first time. Instantly, he fell in love with San Francisco’s diverse music scene. He flew back to Chicago, quit his studio gig, and a month later he was living the dream in San Francisco.

DIRTY’s first job in San Francisco was designing sounds for the legendary synthesizer company, E-mu. He got the job specifically so he could have their flagship sampler, the E-4XT Ultra, to start making beats. Soon, he was designing sounds for other companies including Kurzweil Music Systems. Word got around that DIRTY was a sound designer with tons of analog gear, and soon he began working with drum n’ bass and house producers as an engineer. Then, in 1998, he released his first track, a remix of Hawke’s “Erections 3,” on Gavin Hardkiss’s label, Sunburn Recordings.

In 2002, DIRTY gained more international attention as a producer with the track, “Solitude,” released on Looq records. By 2004, his “Rattlehead” release with Jerry Bonham found it’s way into Paul Van Dyk’s record crate. Around this time, he began his famed “Myfavoriteremixes” series which included bootlegs of the Beatles’s “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Cocteau Twins’ “Blue Bell Knoll,” and Interpol’s “Hands Away” Etc. These highly sought after remixes were being played by Sasha, Digweed, Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto and ended up on the BBC’s Radio 1 and Kiss FM.

Since then, DIRTYHERTZ’s original productions and remixes have made numerous Beatport Top 20 releases. His productions have been on every Pacha summer CD release since 2011. These compilations feature his hit releases “6 String Hero,” “Eyes Closed,” and “Underground.” Even world-renowned producers BT and Richard Durand have recognized his talent, choosing two of DIRTY’s tracks, “Be With You” and “Forgiveness,” to appear on the “In Search of Sunrise” 2015 compilation CD on Black Hole Recordings. 2016 started strong with a remix for Bassanova “Fire Escape” on Tiesto’s label Magik Muzik and a remix for Federico Scavo “BUG” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) on Pacha Recordings. 2017’s pipeline is loaded with more releases on Pacha Recordings including; Eduardo Agni “Red” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) and more original tracks “Club” and “Only You”.

DIRTYHERTZ’s talent and versatility also extend to his DJing. He has played across the world from Shanghai to Pacha Ibiza and has shared the stage with international stars such as Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Above & Beyond, ATB, Bob Sinclair, Ferry Corsten, Sander Van Doorn, Markus Schultz, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, DaDa Life, Darude, DJ Dan and many more. In 2006, DIRTY was even asked to play Tiesto’s private birthday party in Los Angeles. He’s held residencies at San Francisco’s legendary clubs The Endup, 1015, and Ruby Skye and he’s played outdoor festivals including LoveFest, LovEvolution, and Burning Man.

With his signature DJing style and multi-genre production, DIRTYHERTZ still refuses to be pinned down to a sound.

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MyFavoriteRemixes for Fun

MyFavoriteRemixes for Fun

MyFavoriteRemixes for Fun

Thought Criminal “3 Hand Slap” (DIRTYHERTZ Remix) Baroque Records 2017

“Only You” Pacha Recordings 2017

Frederico Scavo “Bug” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Pacha Recordings 2016

“Be With You” feat. Hadara (DIRTYHERTZ & S.Poliugaev Remix) Song Bird 2016

“Be With You” feat. Hadara (DIRTYHERTZ Deep Remix) Song Bird 2016

Bassanova “Fire Escape” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Magik Muzik 2016

Ti-Fred “The Bright Blue Bird” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) 3xA Music 2015

DIRTYHERTZ & Nick Shively “Run With Me Now” Feat. Lacy Love Pacha Recordings 2015

DIRTYHERTZ & Nick Shively “Run With Me Now” Feat. Lacy Love (DIRTYHERTZ Remix) Pacha Recordings 2015

DIRTYHERTZ & Nick Shively “Run With Me Now” Feat. Lacy Love (Nima G Remix) Pacha Recordings 2015

Chris Royer “Too High” Feat. RonKat (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Pacha Recordings 2015

“Heat of the night” Pacha Recordings 2015

“Be with you” feat. Hadara Songbird 2015

“Forgiveness” DIRTYHERTZ & Joel Jungell Songbird 2015

Ti-Fred “Our Gift Was Chaos” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) System Recordings 2015

Ti-Fred “Second Reflection” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) System Recordings 2014

“Pink Lemonade” DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino System Recordings 2014

“Pink Lemonade” DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino (Andy Slate remix) System Recordings 2014

“Pink Lemonade” DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino (Spektor & DIRTYHERTZ remix) System Recordings 2014

“Swarm” DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino System Recordings 2014

“Swarm (deep mix)” DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino System Recordings 2014

“Indica Flute” DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino System Recordings 2014

“Voices in my head” Spektor (DIRTYHERTZ edit) System Recordings 2014

“Partings” Ti-Fred (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Baroque Records 2014

“7X7” DIRTYHERTZ & Spektor System Recordings 2014

“7X7” DIRTYHERTZ & Spektor (Nima G remix) System Recordings 2014

“7X7” DIRTYHERTZ & Spektor (DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino remix) System Recordings 2014

Gavin & Robbie Hardkiss “Revolution” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Pacha Recordings 2014

Trendmonster “Rising Moon” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Pacha Recordings 2013  

DJ Licious “Expecting” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Pacha Recordings 2013  

“Underground” Pacha Recordings 2013  

“Underground” (Deep mix) Pacha Recordings 2013  

“Unworldly” FlyingBird Records 2013  

“Unworldly” (DIRTYHERTZ & Rishi K. remix) FlyingBird Records 2013  

“Eyes Closed” Pacha Recordings 2012  

“Eyes Closed” (DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino remix) Pacha Recordings 2012  

“Hypnotic Sound” DIRTYHERTZ & Jose Vizcaino Baroque Records 2012  

“State of Sedation” 2am Pacha Recordings 2011  

“State of Sedation” 6am Pacha Recordings 2011  

“My Poison” Looq Records 2011  

“My Poison” (Martin Garcia remix) Looq Records 2011  

“My Poison” (Art Bleek remix) Looq Records 2011  

“My Poison” (Issac remix) Looq Records 2011  

“6 String Hero” Pacha Recordings 2011  

“6 String Hero” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Pacha Recordings 2011  

“6 String Hero” (DIRTYHERTZ & UFO remix) Pacha Recordings 2011  

“6 String Hero” (Andy Slate & DIRTYHERTZ remix) Pacha Recordings 2011  

“6 String Hero” (Bricklake remix) Pacha Recordings 2011  

Dresden & Johnston “That Day” feat. Nadia Ali (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Unreleased

DIRTYHERTZ “Electrofying” Spundae Digital 2010  

Kiosk “Yarom Bia” feat. Mohsen Namjoo (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Bamahang Productions 2009  

Dolbyd “Sexy Rock” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Infinity Records 2008  

DIRTYHERTZ “I want you to be a good boy” Below Zero Compilation 001 2008  

Summer Channel “Undertow” (DIRTYHERTZ & DJ Taj remix) Libra Rising Recordings 2007  

Jan Van Lier “One Through Seven” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) Looq Records 2007  

Astro & Glyde “California Girl” (Andy Slate & DIRTYHERTZ remix) Water Based Music 2007  

Matt Cerf “Bent” (DIRTYHERTZ & Jerry Bonham remix) 1Shot Recordings 2006  

DIRTYHERTZ & Musselman ” Revival” Looq Records 2006  

Momu “One” (DIRTYHERTZ & Musselman remix) M-Theory Records 2006

Digital Witchcraft & Habersham “Dangerous Music” (DIRTYHERTZ & Jerry Bonham) Looq Records 2005

DIRTYHERTZ “Suicide” San Trancecisco Compilation  

Sertac Kaya “Boncuk” (DIRTYHERTZ & Jerry Bohnam remix) Pangea Recordings 2005  

DIRTYHERTZ & Jerry Bonham “Rattlehead” Dorigen Music 2004

DIRTYHERTZ & Jerry Bonham “Rattlehead” Supalova Club Compilation vol.8 – VV.AA 2004

DIRTYHERTZ & Jerry Bonham “Vertigo” Dorigen Music 2004

Reza & Chris Echo “Big Brother” Cabaret Breaks Golden Gate Recordings 2003

Reza “Unspoken Words” Looq Records 2002  

Reza “Unspoken Words” (Momu remix) Looq Records 2002  

Reza “Solitude” Looq Records 2002  

Reza “Solitude” ( Jondi & Spesh remix) Looq Records 2002  

Reza “Solitude” ( Jondi & Spesh remix) Solid Sounds Compilation N.E.W.S. 2002

Hawke “Erections 3” (Reza & Hawke remix) Sunburn Recordings 1998

Reza “Dreams” (Reza remix) Dogon 1998

WHITE LABELS: (MyFavoriteRemixes)

Alice In Chains “Check My Brain” (DIRTYHERTZ Hotrod remix)

Empire of the Sun “We are the people” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) 2010

Dariush “Vatan” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) 2009

Orbital “Halcyon” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) 2007

Gus Gus “Polyesterday” (DIRTYHERTZ Steroids mix of Carl Craig’s remix) 2006

Dubtribe “Do It Now” (DIRTYHERTZ & Chris Echo remix) DH-005 2005

Interpol “Hands Away” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) DH-004 2005

Stereo Mc’s “Connected” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) DH-003 2005

Cocteau Twins “Blue Bell Knoll” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) DH-002 2004

The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” (DIRTYHERTZ remix) DH-001 2004



Konami – Dance Dance Revolution – “Snake Charmer”

Konami – Dance Dance Revolution – “Frozen Ray” Dirtyhertz “Meltdown” remix

Konami – Dance Dance Revolution – “Thrill Chaser”

GameTrust – Aquabble Quest

Grab.com – Snake Snacks

Grab.com – Toy Wars

Superdudes.net – Cards & Arenas



Apple – iTunes

Apple – iMac Flower Power edition

Apple – Quicktime 5

Apple – iMovie

NASA – Aims Research Center

Katazo – National Ad


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Sound Design

Reza Ebrahimi aka Dirtyhertz is a prolific Sound Designer & the founder of Dirtyhertz Productions. His versatility has allowed him to work in so many different fields of Audio from Sound Effect Libraries, Synthesizers, Video Games to Ads & Film. Take a journey into DIRTYHERTZ’s world.


Ads & Film

Ads & Film

Design sounds & compose music for Film, Video & Ads (Steve Jobs & NASA approved). Most well-known works include some of Apple Computer’s biggest releases: iTunes, Quicktime & Flower Power Macs.

Video Games

Video Games

Sound design & music for video games. Since Dirtyhertz is in the forefront of music you get nothing but the cutting edge sound & music on your next project. Most well-known works: Dance Dance Revolution (Multiple releases).



Multiple commissions from the largest Sound F/X Library producers: Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge and Big Fish Audio. These are the sounds used in many Films, Games and TV shows today.



Product music demos, PCM, Patches, Preset design, Architectural Consulting for some of the best selling Synths (Hardware & Software) & Samplers around the world. Most well-known works: E-Mu’s Audity 2000…



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